Welcome to the Spanish Program at WVU!

Why study Spanish? These are the many advantages that learning Spanish can bring to you:

The ability to communicate with more than 330 million people, globally.
Spanish is the fourth language in the world in terms of numbers of speakers. It is spoken in Spain, Equatorial Guinea, the Sahara, Central and South America (except Brazil and the Guayanas) and parts of the United States and the Philippines.

Increased career opportunities in the United States.
Over the past 3 decades, the Hispanic population has increased tremendously in the United States and has become the largest minority group. As a result, the United States, economically and culturally, is becoming more closely integrated with the Spanish-speaking world. Clearly, learning Spanish is an essential tool for your future.

A better awareness of other countries and cultures.
Not only will you be prepared for living in an increasingly global society, but you also will develop a better understanding of other peoples´ values and beliefs, and ultimately, a better knowledge of your own culture.

Attention Current and New Spanish Majors and Minors
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New Spanish Curriculum

Our program is comprised of two levels:

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